Faye is a young fashion house with a grand vision. Far more than just attire, Faye is committed to providing a bespoke luxury experience whilst celebrating the uniqueness of every woman. 

Our deep knowledge and intrinsic understanding of the demands of the Omani women’s lifestyle and aspirations allows us to capture the essence of a feminine silhouette, which perfectly complements the Omani female form. A silhouette that is elegant and conservative yet stylish, giving every woman a sense of self-expression, sophistication and impeccable style. 

Faye rests on three distinct pillars where tailoring makes up our backbone, paving the way for a fine fabric division, along with coveted ready-to-wear capsule collections. 

We source the highest quality fabrics that are brought to life through exquisite tailoring and superb, clean cuts and lines. A journey that guides you every step of the way as we turn your vision into reality with a memorable look. A look that is custom-made just for ​you​.